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Why Should I buy a Primetime RV?

We know that every customer wants “Peace of Mind” when making a purchase as important as a new RV.  So we have gone the extra mile in our quality checks and procedures.  We have a number of testing and inspection practices that NO ONE else in the industry performs, on a daily basis

1.65 Point Secondary Pre-Delivery Inspection:  We perform not one, but 2 PDI’s, on every unit, every day!  Our competitors typically perform secondary testing on 10-15% of units produced on a given day.
2. Seek-A-Leak Pressure Test:  We perform both a low pressure test of 25lbs per square inch, and a high pressure test of over 75lbs per square inch.  This process gives us instant feedback on even a small leak, allowing us to fix a leak before it ever leaves our Campus.
3. Rain Tunnel Testing:  At Prime Time we subject our RV’s to a state of the art rain bay testing facility.  We force 300 Gallons of water per minute through 184 horizontal and vertical spray nozzles, to subject the Camper to Extreme conditions.  The amount of water directed at the Camper is equivalent to 24 inches of rain per hour. 
4. Pex Water Lines and Oetiker Clamp Fittings:  Pex water lines and Oetiker clamp fittings, give us the confidence to offer a 25 year no leak guarantee!  The Plastic fittings that much of the industry uses can easily come loose from road vibration.  Oetiker clamp ring fittings will stay tight, and save you the headache of leaking pipes.
5. Seal Tech Air Pressure Test:  We pressurize each unit and apply a detergent solution around all seals, seams, windows, and slide rooms.  If there is even a pinhole size leak, we will find it and repair it, before it leaves our Campus.
6. Executive Quality Audits:  Our Management team performs daily Audits, both on-line and post production.  We constantly monitor the quality of production to insure that we are building the Best Quality products in the market today!

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