Toy Hauler

Bring your Motorized Toys with you on your RV Adventure

Toy haulers are RV’s designed with a garage space in the RV. This “garage space” is an open area usually located in the back of the trailer that you can put large motorised “Toys” such as motorcycles, ATV’s, Golf Carts, and snowmobiles. Most of these Toy haulers have a ramp in the back of the trailer which will turn into an outside deck area and may even include hook ups for outside TV viewing or outdoor cooking options. Toyhaulers come as Travel Trailers or Fifth wheels depending on how big you want to go. Many people buy toy haulers that don’t have the motorised toys because they want to pack bikes, kayaks and all kinds of camping gear in the RV and then turn the garage into a bunk room once you arrive at the campsite. Toy Haulers are definitely the most versatile type of RV on the market today, so take a look at the selection of toy haulers that Campkin’